Frequently Asked Questions

Set Up

Payment and Billing

  • How much does HelloVisitor cost?

    We tried to keep the costs as minimal as possible so the product could be accessible for small to medium-sized companies. For this reason, the product costs $30 per month to use, plus 1¢ per person for each sign in.

  • How secure is the payment method you use?

    We use eWAY, a secure, online credit card payment gateway. We do not store your payment details in our system.

  • Is there any lock-in contract?

    Nope! It’s a month-by-month plan. You can cancel at any time.

  • Can I view the details of my previous payment history?

    HelloVisitor provides admins with the ability to view their payment history in detail for the current month using a scatterplot graph. Using this, you can view details of how many people signed in to your site through HelloVisitor on each day of the month.

    Once that month is over, you can view the overall stats of how many people signed in that month, as well as view the corresponding invoices.

  • Where can I enter or update payment details?

    You can enter and update card details under the ‘Billing’ tab on the Dashboard website.